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Wills, Probate & Lasting Powers of Attorney

This is an area of work where we are very busy.  It is important that clients consider the possibility of making a Will, and take advice concerning what would happen to their estate on death.   It is important to ensure that your assets are distributed as you would like them to be, and not in accordance with Intestacy Laws.  We can take you through the process from initial instructions to signing your Will, at a reasonable cost, and it could prevent any problems or bad feeling after your days.  Please contact either Michael Greenway at our Porthcawl office, or Matthew Carr at our Bridgend Office for advice on Wills, and on Probate.

We have assisted many clients since the firm was formed in administering a person's estate at a very difficult and emotional time.  We provide a friendly and understanding service, and understand the need to deal quickly and efficiently to help take some of the stress out of dealing with what sometimes can be complicated issues, at a time of bereavement.  Contrary to common perceptions, the legal costs for administering an estate are quite reasonable and are charged usually on an hourly rate with a percentage charged on some estates. Banks, and some probate practitioners charge a percentage of the value of the estate across the board, which, where for example the estate only comprises a house and perhaps a bank account, can be an expensive exercise for a straight forward procedure.

In recent years it has been very popular for people to consider preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney. We all need to consider what would happen to our assets and who would run our financial affairs, should we become incapable due to mental illness, a stroke, or even an accident which renders us incapable of dealing with our affairs. A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint a member of the family or a friend to deal with these matters on your behalf should one of these situations arise.  If you do not have a valid Lasting Power of Attorney, or an old style Enduring Power of Attorney, then should the need arise, someone would have to make an application to the Public Guardianship Office in order to deal with your affairs. This can be a more costly, and time consuming exercise than signing a Lasting Power of Attorney now. The forms are lengthy, and there are strict requirements as to counter-signatories and certifying that you understand the document, and a Solicitor is best placed to advise you on this.  If you wish to consider preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney please call either Michael Greenway at our Porthcawl Office, or Matthew Carr at our Bridgend Office. Telephone, fax and e-mail details are set out in the section headed “Contact Us”

Home visits can be arranged for elderly or disabled people who may not be able to attend the office, without any additional expense.